Yupi Play in Packaging, Taste and Shape

Yupi is a world class gummy jelly producer that serves gummy market worldwide. Yupi’s candy unique shape and taste are loved by children, adults, and even families. Yupi has been distributed to Asia, North America, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East .

Yupi has an international standards and halal certificate and has its own research and product development team to be able to produce the right and high quality product for each market.

Yupi Indo Jelly Gum has implemented HACCP system to ensure food safety with a preventive approach in order to produce the best product for consumers.

Link : https://nasional.sindonews.com/berita/1003199/149/yupi-bermain-di-kemasan-rasa-dan-bentuk

Yupi Candy Print Transactions of USD 2.7 Million in Gulfood

PT Yupi Indo Jelly Gum recorded the largest sales at the Gulfood exhibition in the World Trade Centre, Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UEA), with transactions worth US$2.7 million. During the five-day exhibition, which took place on 21-25 February 2016 , PT Yupi Indo Jelly Gum dominated the transactions, with a purchase contract worth US$2.7 million of the total transaction amount of US$3.33 million.

Gulfood 2016 was attended by more than five thousand participants from 114 countries who showcased 2,626 brands. The Indonesian booths companies were visited by some 1.5 thousand potential visitors from the UEA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, India, China, Algeria, Kenya, Palestine, Lebanon, and Pakistan.