Product Everyday Treat
  • Fruity Puff

    Fruity Puff

  • Yogurt Gummy Peach

    Yogurt Gummy Peach

  • Waffle Sandwich

    Waffle Sandwich

  • Gummy Cakes

    Gummy Cakes

  • Raspberry & Blackberry

    Raspberry & Blackberry

  • Neon Stix

    Neon Stix

  • Mixed Cakes

    Mixed Cakes

  • Milly Moos

    Milly Moos

  • Happy Bears

    Happy Bears

  • Giant Cola

    Giant Cola

  • Fun Gum

    Fun Gum

    Gummy is fun with a variety of flavors and colorful with packaging that will make...
  • Apple Rings

    Apple Rings

    Do you see all the rings with the colours ? Enjoy Apple Ringd is all...
  • Baby Bears

    Baby Bears

    Colorful adorable baby Bear gummies in assorted fruit flavors that promise to be exciting,enjoyable taste...
  • Iced Cola

    Iced Cola

    Hi all, hey now here comes Yupi Iced Cola.. Itsy bitsy tiny brown bottles, gummy...
  • Neon Worms

    Neon Worms

    Gummy Candy Neon Stix with are covered in a sour delicious taste that is ready...