Product Fun World
  • Fruit Cocktails

    Fruit Cocktails

    Beautiful shape and colorful with a refreshing fruit flavor is presented inside the tray .....
  • Sweet Heart

    Sweet Heart

    Cheer up your day with the sweet heart .Share it with your friends and spread...
  • Sea Worlds

    Sea Worlds

    Led by Mr Shark from sea horse to sea stars -all marine gang come together...
  • Mummy Gummy

    Mummy Gummy

    Want to try to scare someone? try Mummy Gummy ,, herrrrs ...
  • Jungle Fun

    Jungle Fun

    Explore every cute animal shaped gummy with sweet fruity flavour.that you can find only at...
  • Dino Land

    Dino Land

    Let's travel back in time with Yupi Dino land and keep the dinosaurs sway from...
  • Aquarium


    Gummy is fun with a variety of flavors and colorful with packaging that will make...