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  • Strawberry Kiss

    Strawberry Kiss

    It is delicious sugar coated chewy gummy with tasty strawberry flavor in pink and white...
  • Gummy Lunch

    Gummy Lunch

    Let’s share lunch sensation.
  • Sweet Heart

    Sweet Heart

    Enjoy the tasty and fun eating experience.
  • Sea Worlds

    Sea Worlds

    Explore seaworld with sea animals gummy shape in various mixtures of tasty fruits.
  • Jungle Fun

    Jungle Fun

    Explore the jungle with giraffe, bird, elephant and crocodile gummy.
  • Dino Land

    Dino Land

    Enjoy the tasty and fun eating experience!
  • Aquarium


    Explore the aquarium with various gummy shape in various mixtures of tasty fruits.
  • Party Mix

    Party Mix

    It will makes your party event more fun!
  • Fun Gum

    Fun Gum

    Gummy is fun with a variety of flavors and colorful with packaging that will make...
  • Apple Rings

    Apple Rings

    Once in your mouth, the sensation will make you feel like enjoying the real refreshing...
  • Baby Bears

    Baby Bears

    Colorful adorable baby Bear gummies in assorted fruit flavors that promise to be exciting,enjoyable taste...
  • Iced Cola

    Iced Cola

    Yupi iced cola a perfect combination of refreshing cola tasting gummies in classic cola bottle...